Guillaume Grando

Guillaume Grando

Guillaume Grando, known as Supakitch, is a French multidisciplinary artist whose works are marked by movement. Born in 1978 in a Parisian suburb, he quickly turned to graffiti, a form of expression that influenced his entire artistic career. As a teenager, he was immersed in hip-hop culture, design, architecture and surfing, elements that are reflected in his work. Now based in the Basque Country, his creative process is strongly nourished by sea landscapes and the experience of surfing and his quest for the essence of movement.

Today, his work of formal research is focused on what’s essential like light, movement, gesture and matter which became a global questioning of his approach, strongly influenced by the surfing experience, getting rid of the unnecessary to keep only the expression of the curl.

It was at the age of 12 that Guillaume Grando discovered graffiti. He was fascinated by the raw character of walls and their potential as a medium for artistic expression. Graffiti allowed him to experiment with different techniques and interact directly with urban space. This approach would leave a lasting mark on his work and remains very present today, particularly in his mural creations.

Passionate about drawing since childhood, Guillaume found in graffiti an ideal way to satisfy his need for expression. He tagged his first walls as early as 1990 and would continue to create increasingly monumental murals, often in collaboration with other street artists like his partner Koralie.

After studying graphic design and art direction, Guillaume Grando pursued several complementary artistic practices in parallel. He collaborated with galleries in France and internationally, produced murals for institutions and brands, and signed on to specialized collaborations in design and fashion.

His painting went through different periods, oscillating between figuration and abstraction. Between 2006 and 2011, it was characterized by a flamboyant bestiary and plant motifs reminiscent of the fantastic graffiti universe. From 2011 onwards, the artist experimented with resin and developed a more minimalist aesthetic focused on materials and light.

Whatever the style, Supakitch’s works feature an organic approach, a taste for movement and fluidity, as well as the unmistakable singularity of his line. The artist constantly evolves his practice according to his inspirations, in a perpetual quest tinged with introspection.

While Guillaume Grando draws inspiration from many fields, it is above all nature that nourishes his creative process. In 2011, the practice of surfing introduced him to the visual effects of colored resin, whose deep colors and reflections irresistibly evoked the ocean.

The painter is fascinated by the fluidity and perpetual motion of water. The interplays of light on the sea surface, its ever-changing hues, its hypnotic undulations are all elements he seeks to reproduce in his paintings. The ocean even becomes the common thread in a series titled “The Shape of Matter,” in which he sculpts resin to create the illusion of ebb and flow.

It is through the attentive observation of marine elements that Guillaume Grando refines his artistic approach. He gradually rids himself of the superfluous to retain only the essential: material, light, movement. A quest for purity that results in surprisingly pictorial works.

Based for several years in the Basque Country, a land steeped in rich traditions, Guillaume Grando draws new inspiration from this territory. He magnifies the local landscapes through works that subtly evoke the region.

In parallel, the artist interacts with local craftspeople and involves many trades in the design of his works. He draws from this environment conducive to creation material to nourish his artistic process, in a perpetual quest.

Guillaume Grando defines himself as a “researcher” rather than a simple artist. His approach consists of experimenting, provoking chance, allowing himself to be surprised and then analyzing a posteriori. He favors action over reflection, cultivating a taste for risk and spontaneity.

This approach requires total commitment, time-consuming investment punctuated by doubts and questioning. The artist navigates by instinct, accepting mistakes as a source of learning. His creation is an organic, visceral process that matures over time and introspection.

Despite the difficulties, Guillaume Grando remains driven by impassioned pursuit. His thirst for discovery and experimentation pushes him to constantly push the boundaries of his art. A mindset that imbues each of his works.

Through his rich and multifaceted career, Guillaume Grando demonstrates boundless curiosity and visceral passion for creation. Influenced in turns by graffiti, design, the ocean and local craftsmanship, he constantly evolves his style in a perpetual quest.

Each of his works reflects his love of natural elements, plays on materials, and this essential pursuit of movement. Painter, sculptor, graffiti artist, he navigates freely between techniques to express his profound vision of the world. Now based in the Basque Country, he draws new inspiration from this land, while relentlessly continuing his creative path.