Joi Murugavell

joi murugavell

Lives and works in Syndey, Australia

Contemporary mixed media painter

Murugavell has exhibited nationally and internationally in the United States, London, Mexico, New Zealand, Toronto, The Netherlands and Korea.

Murugavell works to suit individual requirements and can provide custom made pieces. Feel free to ask for more information about dimensions and prices. 

about murugavell’s work

Humour and play are integral in the life and art of Joi Murugavell, a lesson she learned from her father as an elixir to life’s absurdities. Behind the laughs lies a desperate desire to understand her world – away from the influences of family, friends and culture. Like a string in a maze, her art is the process by which she navigates the layers she’s acquired along the way.

Joi’s art is spontaneous, who’s characters frequently act out life experiences, capturing the beauty and pain of the human experience and the soul in flux. Her art is often abstract, bright, biting, humorous— and always on the edge of either feeling good or being another way to bleed. 

artworks by murugavell

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murugavell’s studio

Syndey, Australia

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