Alexandre Hermans

alexandre hermans

Alexandre Hermans is a young contemporary artist working with aerated concrete, born in 1997, living and working between Brussels and Antwerp, Belgium. His first representation was by Forwart Gallery, with a premier exhibition that took place in 2021.

Hermans works to suit individual requirements. Feel free to ask for more information about available work, dimensions and prices. 

Growing up as a kid with parents that are active in interior design, he has always been surrounded by interesting paintings, objects and furniture. This always had a considerable but lasting impact on his youth and sentiment towards interiors and art. Therefore he is grateful and considers himself lucky to have been part of this world that he grew up in. His parents are and will no doubt continue to be an important source of inspiration in his creative development.

He believes his passion for creativity blossomed in the 4th grade, after joining the Steiner School, which gave him the opportunity and freedom to express himself. He had the opportunity to open my mind by drawing, creating and embarking on different things simultaneously. From then on, he wanted to take a path towards a more creative career; It would be a path he’d always love and be extremely passionate about, which to him feels crucial. And so, he pursued his studies at the College of Art & Design in Brussels.

In his approach towards creating objects and sculptures he tries to visualise a wide range of ideas and then aims to build a prototype rather quickly which then allows to focus on proportion. “The beauty with sculpting is that most of the time I start with an idea and in the end the idea has completely changed during the process.” His recent work evokes organic and architectural shapes with a grounded/ earthy feeling. He is eager to continue discovering new materials and techniques to make sure he expands his knowledge.


Please note this list is not exhaustive. Contact us for more information about available work.