Guy Leclef

Guy Leclef (BE, 1962) is a contemporary artist working with upcycled paper and cardboard, living and working near Antwerp.

Essential, original, material, sensible. Those are the main characteristics of Guy Leclef’s work. A genuine artist, constantly searching for the truth, he allows us to discover objects and structures as they really are. His collages always contain a touch of humor, a kind and subtle reminder of our daily life. With his book compositions he strives to put order amidst chaos. Adding colors only perpetrates his quest for harmony and peacefulness. As such, his creations wil not leave us untouched.

Strips of paper deployed like paint, thick accreations, thin layers, sliced, impregnated, cut and pasted: this is the raw material that forms the basis of Guy Leclef’s artworks. His oeuvre represents a perpetual quest for the essence of things. Varied and exhilarating art, moulded from a mountain of waste paper. Through his signature attention to detail, he transforms his paper art into an experience. Guy Leclef’s handling of his medium – as though it were paint – displays a playful virtuosity, and never descends into showmanship or ennui. Call it poetic recycling.

He has been working internationally with several renowned galleries in Italy, The USA, Belgium, Canada, Spain and The Netherlands. Leclef now forms part of the art collection of well-known private individuals in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, as well as in Dubai, South Korea and Singapore. The artist collaborated with Delvaux and Piet Boon in the past, among others.


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