José Chafer

Jose Cháfer loves the natural world and the phenomena it supplies us, this is where he sources his inspiration and guidance when analysing shapes, textures and colours that are present all around us. The sculptor immerses himself in the connections that nature provides, and he is particularly moved by its cyclic essence. This constant movement, transformation and evolution is a central theme that his creations reflect, living within each of his creations.

The artist investigates concepts that he observes and that draw his attention on a daily basis, looking for patterns and balance. This concept allows him to explore the value of visual weights, tensions, and different possible paths, to achieve a point of balance in each sculpture.

The sculptor greatly appreciates nature’s ability to surprise, and the amount of secrets and hidden treasures that it holds. Therefore, Cháfer Works with natural materials such as stone or wood, which allows him to feel connected with the environment and understand the spectrum of densities, vibrations, textures, wood grains, cracks, colors, that each material has hidden inside.

Chafer considers it is essential to fully immerse himself in each sculpture. To demonstrate the best version of himself and enjoy the process, his goal is to lose himself in the process, losing track of external constraints. In this way, the artist envisages that the person who is observing the sculpture will be able to reach an almost hypnotic state while falling into a deep visual reading of the piece.


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