yumiko yoneda

yumiko yoneda

Contemporary minimalist artist

Born in 1965 in Matsue, Japan

Living and working in The Hague, The Netherlands

Yoneda works to suit individual requirements. Feel free to ask for more information about dimensions and prices. 

yoneda’s story

Yoneda’s work breaths concentration, subtlety and sensuality. She creates step by step her sculptures into a smooth rounded perfection. Usually white, sometimes gray. If the daylight strikes the sculpture, it feels empty and full at the same time. Associations come and go. The modest and pure presence of her work represents the inner strength of being and is the intense approach of nature and life itself.

The spherical shape is central to Yumiko Yoneda’s work. In the subtle variations of this apparently simple form, Yoneda searches for the core of universal being.

The spherical shape symbolizes perfection, without beginning or end. The sculptures form a whole, but are also independent. Yoneda uses light materials for her sculptures, which are made up of a core of polystyrene foam that is covered with plaster. The ‘skin’ is then modeled with model leather paste. They are all unique. The work calls for contemplation, the sculptures exude both tranquility and sensuality. Yoneda manages to say the maximum with minimal means.

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The Hague, The Netherlands