Forwart Advisory projects

A selection from our recent interior projects in which we advise architects, individuals, businesses, and institutions.

Project “Nespresso


In collaboration with Nespresso

Project “Louis Vuitton

Lille, France

In collaboration with Louis Vuitton

Project “The Jane


In collaboration with Nick Bril and The Jane

Project “Valke Vleug


In collaboration with Guy Leclef and Valke Vleug

Interior design by Vincent Van Duysen

Project “BMA

The Netherlands

In collaboration with Bob Manders Architecture

Project “Botanic Sanctuary”


In collaboration with Botanic Sanctuary

Interior design by Dieter Vander Velpen

Project “Polestar”


In collaboration with Polestar

Project “Zenza


Interior design by Ann-Sophie Princen

Project “Landgoed in het Groen”

The Netherlands


In collaboration with Remy Meijers

Project “Animus”

Laren, The Netherlands

In collaboration with Wolterinck

Photography: Peter Baas

Project “Venice 22”

Venice, Italy

In collaboration with The Michelangelo Foundation for Homo Faber Venice 2022 during the Venice Biennale

Project “T. Tower”

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Interior: Judith van Mourik

Photography: Space Content Studio

Project “DN House”

Antwerp, Belgium

Interior: Jim Dierckx

Photography: Cafeïne

Project “NYCMH”

Manhattan, NYC, USA