Text Forwart Gallery Antwerp


At Forwart Gallery we love and collect beautiful things: mixed media artworks, sculptures and special objects. Art gives a space its own character. Art completes an interior. Works by our favorite artists from home and abroad can be seen in our gallery, in the artist studio, on our website or after getting in touch with us.

We put a spotlight on artists from the international art scene whom we deeply admire for their explosive talent and limitless creativity. Their incomparable ability to let us share in feelings, emotions, ideas, issues, and concepts that count make us want to take another look at their work. But it is their genuine passion for their art that comes through when you speak with these heavyweights of the art world.

We are a contemporary art gallery for the unusual, unexpected and unique. Through our channels we offer unique objects and fine goods to our international buyers who share our passion for the extraordinary. As a full-service gallery we are bridging the gap between online and offline. Art needs a conversation and needs time to look at. Therefore we focus on a personal approach, in which we tell the artist’s story and create dialogue with art lovers. 

Creative greetings,

Lucas De Dycker 

Owner and curator