Forwart Gallery is an Antwerp-based gallery specialised in contemporary mixed-media art, with a strong emphasis on materiality in its curation. Each of its artists hone a distinctive technique within their specific niche. Bringing them together fosters energy and creates synergy, ensuring a dynamic in Forwart’s diverse exhibitions. The gallery puts a spotlight on artists from the international art scene whom they deeply admire for their explosive talent and limitless creativity. A symbiotic relationship unfolds as these diverse individuals, each with their unique creative approach, are brought together.

Founded by Lucas De Dycker, Forwart Gallery initially opened on Schuttershofstraat in Antwerp, quickly expanding to additional temporary locations in Knokke and Hasselt. In 2024, the gallery made a permanent move to Armeduivelstraat 6, situated in the heart of Antwerp’s vibrant fashion district.

The gallery is present at this year’s Venice Art Biennale and has exhibited at art fairs such as PAD Paris. Its artists have been embraced by prestigious public collections like those of The Jane, Botanic Sanctuary, and Louis Vuitton, and numerous private collections such as the Duncan Collection.