Nathalie Van der Massen

Nathalie Van der Massen

Nathalie Van der Massen is a Belgian artist and designer working in the field of textile.

Her work is characterised by a sensitivity for (natural) materials, surface and technicality. Her interest in intangible elements like light, time and sound, often results in experimental and poetic designs, where tactility is key. Her work also explores industrial and handcrafted production methods, and the potential of textile as an autonomous, spatial and acoustic element in (interior) architecture. She likes to see her work as an ode to the Belgian heritage of textile craftsmanship.

While finishing her master (degree) in graphic design, Nathalie is given the opportunity to work at the renowned textile museum in Tilburg, where she develops a fascination for textiles. This newfound passion leads her to pursue an extra master in textile design. After graduating, she is invited by the Flanders Architecture Institute to start a research project and create an exhibition inspired by their archive. This profound experience opens up a new way for her to approach textile design from the context of architecture and interior. In 2018, Nathalie launches her own independent design studio, showcased at fairs like Collectible (Brussels), Stockholm Design Fair and works with architects, designers and private clients.


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