Corine van Voorbergen

Corine van Voorbergen

Corine van Voorbergen (NL, 1989) is a contemporary intuitive artist, living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Through her minimalistic round art forms she focusses on the idea of eternal movement. In her current series ‘Through the Brass Eye of the Beholder’ she evokes a certain feeling in the viewer through her use of colour, visual depth, texture and natural flow. 

“I aim to express different emotions and thoughts through my art, at the same time also leaving room for interpretation”. 

The techniques she uses not only draws the beholder in to take a closer look, but also encourages them to take a step back and observe the piece as a whole. Corine constructs her art pieces with layers of different mediums including acrylic paint, natural pigment powder and ink. She finishes the work off with a thin layer of epoxy. The epoxy reflects the surroundings back to the beholder, stimulating them to reflect on what they see and more importantly what they feel. Each piece is encased in a brass ring. Each brass ring is hand-polished, in a way, caressed like a lover. Corine has chosen to brush and polish the brass rings manually, this process symbolises the embrace and repetitive giving of love and attention. Like love this has “imperfections” when you look closer. You can almost see where each stroke starts and ends.

Corine van Voorbergen is a contemporary intuitive artist, living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her work was exhibited from Shanghai, over London and Stockholm, to New York. Since 2021 she is collaborating with Louis Vuitton. She took part in the Salone del Mobile in Milano and and La Biennale Di Venezia.


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