Interior projects

. We advise individuals, architects, designers, agents and companies on their interior projects

. For private collections, office spaces, hotel projects and more

. Services: presentation, installation, sketching, rendering, commissioned works and more


. Initiate dialogue

. Global selection and broad network

. Conceptualization process

. Visiting fairs, galleries and studio visits

. Tailored strategy, presentation and planning


. We make the whole experience easy by providing full service worldwide

. On location presentation and installation

. Nail-to-nail and White Glove services

. Coordinating of the art handling, delivery and insurance


. Engage in the dialogue to discover the needs, develop budgetary parameters

. Sourcing and commissioning artworks for public, private or corporate needs

. Site visits and assessment of spatial and light considerations


. We offer home staging services and programs for developers, real estate professionals, architects and individuals

. When you are planning to sell a home or when you have a photoshoot planned, we can present you with a selection of artworks

. We provide fully customized and curated art collections

. Focused on elevating a home to its maximum marketing and sale potential

. We can take care of the transport, installation and other practicalities

Meet the artist

. Art needs a conversation…

. You’ve seen a work that interests you and you would like to meet the artist?

. Contact us and we’ll try to bring you in touch with one of our artists in his or her studio or our gallery

Art rental and leasing

. For businesses, private practices and self-employed with (home) offices

. Creating a dynamic and inspiring work environment

. The rental and leasing or art is 100% tax deductible

. Cost-effective alternatives for purchasing art

. Tailored to your specific needs

. Please contact us for information and availabilities

. Under strict conditions and on a limited number of artworks