meet our artists

Guy Leclef

“Strips of paper deployed like paint, thick accreations, thin layers, sliced, impregnated, cut and pasted: this is the raw material that forms the basis of Guy Leclef’s artworks. His oeuvre represents a perpetual quest for the essence of things. Varied and exhilarating art, moulded from a mountain of waste paper. Through his signature attention to detail, he transforms his paper art into an experience. Guy Leclef’s handling of his medium – as though it were paint – displays a playful virtuosity, and never descends into showmanship or ennui. Call it poetic recycling.”


jeanne opgenhaffen

“Opgenhaffen’s unique genius captures even the grandest, most powerful universal forces of evolving nature and presents them undiminished to the viewer on a small scale. Her inspired use of intricate, organic repetition, confined within the rectangle provides us with a precise yet utterly comprehensive definition of natural forces, the landscapes they shape and indeed even the creatures that crawl, swim or fly there.”


Dylan Martinez

“Our vision has the greatest effect on our understanding of the world. Through my artwork, I create scenarios in which the viewer must question their capacity to navigate between reality and illusion.”


Jan Schoonhoven Jr

“His reliefs are made out of paper mache. His work is based on, lines, squares, light, shadow and repetition. From his early twenties he has been visiting the Franciscan fraternities and contemplative monasteries, where he gets a lot of inspiration. Jan Schoonhoven Jr. lives and makes his art works in a town called Amstelveen, next to Amsterdam, The Netherlands.”


Yumiko Yoneda

“Yoneda’s work breaths concentration, subtlety and sensuality. She creates step by step her sculptures into a smooth rounded perfection. Usually white, sometimes gray. If the daylight strikes the sculpture, it feels empty and full at the same time.”


Corine van Voorbergen

“Through her minimalistic round art forms she focusses on the idea of eternal movement. In her current series ‘Through the Brass Eye of the Beholder’ she evokes a certain feeling in the viewer through her use of colour, visual depth, texture and natural flow.”


Alexandre Hermans

“The beauty with sculpting is that most of the time I start with an idea and in the end the idea has completely changed during the process.” His recent work evokes organic and architectural shapes with a grounded/earthy feeling.


Viktor Freso

“His work and overall approach to art is rather untypical but at the same time they reflect the situation in the society and culture. The artist creates sophisticated concepts and projects presenting them as seemingly simple closed “Pieces of art.”


federico clapis

“Clapis lives his art as a materialization of his experiences, and as a medium of introspection to share with his followers. Technology, a recurring theme in his most famous artworks, is a metaphor for the contemporary in order to explore the human condition. The artist invites the public online daily to write and share on the social networks what the artwork has aroused in them, considering the act part integrand of the artistic intention. Sculptures, installations and video art become the vehicle of a more profound adventure, discovering a shared interiority of artist and user.”


Joseph Cals

“Time. From a moment to eternity. Time lost and time gained. Stolen or borrowed time. How ever often people say the world, time remains something which few of us understand. Time flies, time passes, you can spend time, keep time, do time. Time heals. Time does not stand still, time and tide waits for no man, but you can kill time. The concept of time is often caught up in clichés and non sequiturs. But it doesn’t have to be, as shown by the work of the artist Joseph Cals.”


Paul Rousso

“A prodigious perfectionist, his technique has leapt into the future, as his vision and imagination merge to embrace new conceptual and physical technology the moment they appear on the horizon. The artist lives his context and vehemently pursues his objective.”


John Zoller

“John Zoller creates Op Art, in monochromatic and primary colors. The central idea of his art revolves around the perception of space, movement, and dynamics within the composition. His precise lines and geometry preserve classic traditions and tendencies of optical art, where the viewer is fully consumed and hypnotized by the imagery.”


benoît averly

“He creates, in a refined spirit, art pieces in wood; with subtle contrasts, playing with light, lines and textures. Inspired by nature and architecture, he feeds his creations through his photographic journey through numerous trips, in search of a rhythm, and quiet balance. Wood, a media he discovered in his childhood, is worked in simple shapes, rarely smooth, most often hewn with different effects of matter, texture, or repetitive patterns. On some pieces the wood loses its obvious aspect, taking on instead, the properties of other elements.”

lee jae-hyo

“Jae-Hyo Lee produces immaculately formed, intricate sculptures that reveal his mastery over his materials. He turns discarded pieces of wood into attention-grabbing pieces of art that are both elegant and functional. These incredibly sleek sculptures are the result of his meticulous work”