Myriam Jiménez Huertas

Myriam Jiménez Huertas

The works of Myriam Jiménez Huertas stand out for the passion and purity of their forms, their presentation and perception is simple, ingenuous, clean and innocent.

Stoneware and porcelain are the materials used by the Madrid-born ceramist. Her creations, which are small in size, are mostly presented in rectangular shapes. The Mediterranean light emitted by the white tones is essential when conceiving her pieces. They remind us of landscapes or cities, in some cases modified by human beings, but where nature and its strength invade the spectator. The forms that his works acquire speak to us of a clean, crystalline and intimate work. When contemplating his work, we are enveloped by an aura of transparency and subtlety, almost melodic, which allows us to see beyond what is initially shown to us.

Cities, streets, building plans or the design of a garden inspire and constitute the elegance of the artist reflected in the small models, which represent her invented cities. Imagination is combined with construction and ceramics with Mediterranean architecture. Her latest work, Espacios interiores (Interior Spaces) recreates creative spaces more closely related to our concept of home, refuge from the outside world, refuge for our thoughts, as Jiménez points out. The artist tends to project herself within her creation as a habitable space.


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