NICKO (Nico Van Dale)

NICKO (Nico Van Dale)

Nico van Dale (BE, 1952) is a Belgian artist and a former restorer of paintings.

Since 1976 Nico restored paintings commissioned by dioceses, corporate and government collections, SMAK, Tate London and private collectors.

As a restorer, the artist has a lot of experience with materials and techniques, the construction of paintings and how layers grow over each other. This acquired expertise of painting techniques is fundamental to the creation of his oeuvre. Unlike his previous profession, it gives him the freedom to improvise apart from a defined deontology.

He has a vague plan to start a painting and start from an idea. The painting must take shape, unfold and grow during the working process. He starts quite chaotically: no sketch as a preliminary design, sometimes a written description of shape, texture and color and evolve in total freedom. He doesn’t stick to a specific theme. This means that all possibilities remain open. It is an adventure that he starts and he will struggle to continue improvising. The original colors may change by painting over or be partly eliminated. It inspires him to make new interventions, new actions or associations. A combination slowly emerges from the complex layers of paint, a whole, full of structure, organic or sedimentary, not abstract or geometric but whimsical and emotionally full of my mind.

His works tell their own language, a language of paint, mass, relief, shadow, color. His quest with shapes, shades, nuances lead finally to compositions, tensions and an arrangement of initial chaos.


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