Karen Verlinden

Karen Verlinden

Karen Verlinden is a Belgian cermaic artist who possesses a profound fascination for craftsmanship. Her works, crafted from clay and soft textures, result from a subtle interplay between simple forms and the play of light and shadow. These elements emphasize both the aesthetics and material aspects of her work. Throughout her creative process, she continually pushes the boundaries of the materials she employs. Her work often features the use of white, and she places great value on the way light reflects on her sculptures. This enables viewers to experience her art from different angles, with the interaction with light being an integral part of the overall viewing experience. 

A notable feature of her work is the use of paper as a core, subtly referencing her family’s background in the printing industry. This paper serves as the underlying structure to achieve the desired forms. Her skills in sculpting are evident in the various stages of the drying process, where the artworks take on the final shape. This technique adds an extra layer of depth and meaning to her art, emphasizing her strong connection to materials and craftsmanship. 

Another striking characteristic of Karen’s work is the deliberate presence of imperfect ons. She embraces these flaws and allows them to be visible, making them an integral part of the artistic narrative. These imperfections contribute to the unique aesthetics of her work and reveal the true nature of the materials used.


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