Elias Van Orshaegen “Viva Shona Viva” 22x29cm

Material: Casted aluminium

His work Viva Shona Viva is a cast in aluminum wallpiece that is the result of a search for an atypical pattern. The piece that conveys a certain energy through its composed and balanced rhythm. Using a lost/fire casting technique, each piece is unique.

It reminds us of De Bruder Klaus Kapelle in Wachendorf, Germany, a remarkable, unique and world-famous structure in the Eifel landscape, designed by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. He started with the frame of the building. Tree trunks were placed in a tent shape and formed the formwork for concrete casing around it. Afterwards, a smoldering fire was built inside which charred the tree trunks inside the chapel. This fire burned for three weeks.


All works are unique pieces, signed by the artist and certified with original papers


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