Pepe Valenti “The Water Wall”


Material: Stainless steel, chrome plated frame, glass/water inner part (waterwall), concrete base with water reservoir inside.

“Drawing inspiration from the captivating nature of water, I have created a fountain that embodies its essence in a unique form. By re-imagining the surface of water and reorienting it at a 90-degree angle, the Water Wall offers a new perspective.

Much like gazing into a body of water, this installation allows you to peer through its transparent facade while simultaneously capturing reflections that shift with every passing moment.

As an artist, my fascination lies in explor- ing the complex relationship between hu- mans and nature, more specifically water. The way it mirrors our very being and danc- es with the surroundings, creating a sense of wonder that never fails to mesmerize. Through the creation of the Water Wall, I seek to show different ways for us to en- gage with this fluid element, showcasing its natural beauty and inviting viewers to embark on a journey of discovery.”


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