Project Botanic

Project Botanic Sanctuary

Project “Botanic Sanctuary



Artist(s): Corine van Voorbergen, Guy Leclef

Centuries of heritage behind the ancient walls of a former monastery tell of community, sanctuary, healing and comfort. Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp is a succession of places, each with its own history and atmosphere, all of which inspire feelings of freedom and unaffected luxury. This exceptional hideaway sets new standards in cordiality, ambience, sustainable design and innovation, putting Antwerp on the map as a destination for connoisseurs and foodies, business travellers, design devotees, spa aficionados and affluent shoppers.

The Botanic is Antwerp’s first 5-star superior hotel and the city’s first member of Leading Hotels of the World. It brings together a sense of history with contemporary sensibilities – turning experiences into lasting memories. Imbued with a laid-back spirit, it’s a destination with extraordinary fine dining, superb Belgian cuisine, the groundbreaking Botanic Health Spa and Club, an outstanding conference centre and an unparalleled wedding venue. It’s a hotspot for celebrations and the ultimate in deluxe hospitality – but most of all: it’s the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp.

Since 2022 Forwart Advisory supplies artworks for Botanic Sanctuary and Henry’s Bar, designed by Dieter Van der Velpen.