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Nespresso x Guy Leclef

Nespresso x Guy Leclef

Belgian artist Guy Leclef and Nespresso enter into a remarkable collaboration in which recycling merges into art. Guy Leclef, known for his creations with recycled materials – mainly paper and cardboard waste – has now created a series of works with Nespresso coffee capsules, working with aluminum as a material for the first time.

These works can be admired in the three Nespresso flagship boutiques, and at Forwart Gallery in Antwerp.

According to the artist, aluminium is a grateful and fascinating material: “For each work I started working with a different capsule that I organically gave a second life. Their versatility and color palette give me the freedom to assemble them into creations that exude a certain balance, design and rhythm. But they mainly surprise. My ideas always come directly from the material. That search should not go too far to preserve the essence of the material.”

The importance that Nespresso attaches to sustainability fits in perfectly with the artist’s philosophy of giving natural materials a second life. Through the collaboration we want to emphasize the importance of recycling so that the aluminum can be reused in a new application.

“I frame the collaboration with Nespresso in the fact that Nespresso is not a mass product but also contains a certain artistry in itself. In the design and colors, but also in the philosophy of the product that can be viewed as luxury consumption: something that one takes time for and wants to taste with pleasure.”

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