Project Polestar

Project Polestar

Project “Polestar


In collaboration with Polestar

Artist: Dylan Martinez

Experience the synergy between Martinez’s art and Polestar’s design approach during “Transparency In Innovation”, along with the presentation of their newest Model 3.

The artist’s choice to utilize hyper-realistic glass sculptures of plastic bags filled with water serves as a powerful metaphor within the broader context of environmental art.

In this context, the plastic bags symbolize human consumption, waste, and the detrimental impact of single- use plastics on our planet. Their transparency not only alludes to the fragility of our ecosystems but also underscores the transparency of the climate crisis itself, which is often in plain sight but ignored. The use of glass adds an element of fragility and impermanence, reminding us of the urgency to address these issues.

The artist invites viewers to contemplate the stark contrast between our unsustainable practices and the dire consequences for the environment.