Ronald Westerhuis

ronald westerhuis

Ronald Westerhuis, born in 1971 in The Netherlands, is a visual artist based in Zwolle. He is internationally active as a maker of landscape art and abstract sculptures. His work can be found in public spaces, museums and private art collections.

Ronald Westerhuis works to suit individual requirements. Feel free to ask for more information about available work, dimensions and prices. 

His participation in this discourse is remarkable. He came from the offshore oil industry and built rigs, from where he derived his love for steel and large dimensions in the arts. Being inspired by abstract art, minimalism, and kinetic sculpture, the artist has acquired an ethereal, kinetic approach of his own. What makes him unique is that he travels back and forth with ease between Asia and Europe, between Shanghai and Zwolle. It doesn’t seem to matter where he is and with whom he works or does business. Perhaps it’s because in both continents his work never fails to be appreciated. He also has a completely down to earth attitude with regards to its autonomy. He creates what he thinks is beautiful but, at the same time, he selflessly allows his clients to assert their taste, which he works into his art in one large ‘joint venture’.

If the creators of the pyramids in ancient Egypt were nameless servants of their god-like pharaoh, then Rubens and Rembrandt were, despite their fame, in essence no more than servants of their various patrons, entirely dependent on them for commissions. In romanticism, however, we see how the arts emancipate themselves and become supply, instead of demand, led. The artist is dominant and sets the agenda, his clients are moneyed citizens who want to feed upon his genius and art becomes autonomous. The variations between the two poles sketched here are endless and the study of the artist and his role in the world are sources of permanent fascination..


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