Steen Vastgoed


Introducing a new symbiosis between Forwart Gallery and Steen Vastgoed

We are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between Forwart Gallery and Advisory and the renowned real estate developer, Steen Vastgoed. This innovative partnership bridges the realms of art and real estate, elevating the spaces we inhabit to new artistic heights.

Steen Vastgoed, a pioneer in sustainable and aesthetically driven development, has a commitment to crafting living spaces that harmonize with the environment while embodying elegance and comfort. Their dedication to quality, aesthetics, and sustainable building practices aligns seamlessly with our mission at Forwart Gallery and Advisory.

Forwart Gallery and Advisory is dedicated to curating a collection of remarkable mixed media artworks that captivate and inspire. Our gallery places a spotlight on artists whose talents resonate with emotions, ideas, and concepts that leave a lasting impact. Through our personal approach, we ensure that each artist’s story is conveyed, fostering a meaningful dialogue with art enthusiasts.

In this collaboration, the focus turns to the exceptional Belgian recycling artist, Guy Leclef. His creations blend ingenuity with sustainability, breathing new life into discarded materials. Leclef’s work exemplifies the shared values of Forwart Gallery and Advisory and Steen Vastgoed—embracing beauty, craftsmanship, and responsible living.

As part of this venture, select artworks by Guy Leclef will find new destinations in Steen Vastgoed’s offices and development projects. This infusion of artistic expression into living and working spaces will not only enhance aesthetics but also offer a thought-provoking and enriching environment for all who interact with these spaces.

We invite you to witness the synergy between art and real estate, where spaces become a canvas and every structure a work of art.

Guy Leclef

“Strips of paper deployed like paint, thick accreations, thin layers, sliced, impregnated, cut and pasted: this is the raw material that forms the basis of Guy Leclef’s artworks. His oeuvre represents a perpetual quest for the essence of things. Varied and exhilarating art, moulded from a mountain of waste paper. Through his signature attention to detail, he transforms his paper art into an experience. Call it poetic recycling.”


Artworks on display

TW 345″

Dimensions (W x H): 90 cm x 160 cm

Upcycled paper, magazines



NB 71″

Dimensions (W x H): 150 cm x 150 cm

Upcycled cardboard



NB 58 + NB 59″

Dimensions (W x H): 175 x 120 cm

Upcycled paper, magazines



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