Pepe Valenti

Pepe Valenti (SP, 1999) is a contemporary artist working within the fields of product, and installation design with a strong focus on materiality.  He employs an intuitive and hands-on approach, where he explores his fascination for materials. The work results from a search to understand materials and processes, and he does so by physically experimenting with them: thinking through making. 

His inspiration comes from raw and untouched matters surrounding us, while his work remains very polished and refined, creating an interesting contrast between the source and the outcome.

His most recent project is the El Mar collection. “When looking out across the sea towards the horizon, I see a magical phenomenon where an infinite number of sparkling reflections are created by the sunlight hitting the water’s sur- face. The movement of the waves creates an aesthetic harmony of darting light reflection which becomes a moment I am mesmerized by”

El Mar collection, is a series of objects that mimic this dance of light on water through the shapes themselves, but also through the actual fluctuations of light within the space around it, creating an immersive moment within an urban environment.

These mirrors-like products are made from stainless steel and coated with reflective chrome. Each piece is unique and carefully crafted by hand intuitively into its shape using heat. Reflections are distorted by the curvature of the shapes, just like the water of the ocean.


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